What we do best... for you!

We start with the detailed designs around your aspirations and living requirements to get you the best house possible. We'll guide you through pricing the works and finding the right builder. And we project manage right through until the day we hand you the keys and you move into your new home.

We’re really good at simplifying a process that people potentially find quite daunting. We’re your one point of contact and we aim to eliminate the stress of unknowns by breaking things down into manageable pieces, and hopefully injecting a bit of fun along the way! These are our three stages:

Planning Permission We can work with you to design your perfect home, whether that includes a complete renovation, new extension, loft conversion or even new build. We provide design consultation and layout options before compiling a final set of documents and guiding you through the planning process

Tender Process This is where we take your planning drawings and work them up into great detail, to include lighting, plumbing and all the nitty gritty your builder will need to cost the project. This will include a full scope for them to cost against ahead of choosing your perfect fit

Project Management We look after all elements of the build throughout the process, working with the contractors to overcome any issues that might arise and making sure everything runs smoothly on time and in budget. We also ensure all documentation associated with a build is covered, assisting you with appointing surveyors, building regs and any other parties that need to get involved (There are a fair few of these but don’t worry, we’ve got recommendations for everything you might need!)

We are really proud to have had homes (including our own home) featured in national magazines and online. But more important to us is the contribution we make to the quality of our clients lives. We believe that every home has the potential to be a really great space with a little bit of care and attention. Our aim is to make our clients feel a sense of pride in their homes which they can enjoy with their closest friends and family.

Our big goal is to be known for making beautiful family homes that work in tune with modern family living. And... making the process enjoyable and fun!!


‘The concept they got from day one. As a bespoke developer, the key is to find an architect who thinks like you, who takes time to understand your concept and ideas and bring them to life, giving the homeowner a house that has been thoughtfully designed room by room;  a house that anyone would be proud to call home. Momo & Co deliver more than just a service, they become part of your team, being involved from the start of the development to the very end.’ - Andrew S., Limpley Stoke

‘Working with Momo & Co. on our extension project has been a very rewarding experience. Both Nick and Clare have a rare set of skills - they are curious, patient, focused, creative, down to earth yet professional and up for a challenge. This combination has helped us feel confident in our choices and supported throughout the process. Delighted to recommend them’ - KL, Wimbledon Village

‘I enjoyed a big welcome each time I visited the office and working with a young team with fresh ideas and ability to think outside of the box if an issue arises (there is always a solution). Many thanks for all your help and I have enjoyed our little side chats. Would absolutely recommend’ - Marilyn, Southfields

‘Having had the pleasure of working with Nick and his team on a number of projects; from urban to rural, renovation to new-build. Momo & Co. are undoubtedly the most talented architectural designers one could wish to work with. Their attention to detail in all aspects of the design and planning process is impeccable, whilst also being an absolute pleasure to deal with- - Sam, Fulham