Hi!.. We're Nick & Alisha, we are Momo & Co. and this is where we'd like to share a little bit about us with you...


A  Momo & Co.  home is a place to be lived in and enjoyed. It’s a home for anecdotes over family dinners, whispers over sleepovers and raucious laughter over dinner parties. It’s a home that’s filled with warmth and love – not a show home that mustn’t be touched.

...it’s more than your kind of space, its your kind of home. 

Using our years of experience in the industry, we love designing homes for happy clients. Nick, our creative director, takes care of the architectural design & project management alongside his team 

Our Core Values

Moments! We want you to feel full of joy every time you arrive home – to walk up to the front door feeling happy and proud. We want you to walk into your kitchen/ hallway/ living room and just pause to take it in. We want your home to become the sort of place that causes passers-by to stop and stare in awe… We call these ‘moments’

Livability! Your home is an experience; you want to ensure that when you’re walking around and experiencing your home it’s full of ‘moments’ (see above) and livability plays a big part in this. Livability is the invisible hero which shows that thought has gone into the design; it is practicality which doesn’t present itself as such. Think hidden storage, speakers concealed in walls, sockets that pop up from your island, mood lighting in your shelving, even demisters behind your bathroom mirrors! Livability is not just practical beauty, it’s considered design that makes a space function perfectly

Prioritise! Making sure you keep elements that give you joy is crucial- something that may be a little more expensive but you look at every day and go ‘wow, I’m so glad we went for that in the end’. We know where the best places to tighten your budget if need be, so you can afford not to sacrifice your dream items.


We also make sure it’s your kind of home.

We’re not precious: of course we have our “style”... but this is your home and it needs to be somewhere you want to live in. That’s also why we place such great importance on getting to know you. We want to get an insight into your life and lifestyle so that we can create a home that suits you perfectly.


Never done a property renovation or extension before? Neither have some of our other clients!

OK, so we may work with a few property magnates and developers, but mostly we work with homeowners. Many of our clients have never been involved in a renovation or extension project, and understandably they’re often anxious (thank you cowboy builders!).

There’s no need!

It sounds like a bit of a cliché, but we really will “walk you through every step of the process”. We’ll explain everything that’s happening and why, and you’ll be able to contact us anytime with questions.


You’re in safe, pencil-stained, hands with us

We’re Nick and Alisha. We love making happy homes – and we have a lot of experience in doing it!


Nick previously worked for a firm of architects specialising in high-end residential buildings in the local ares of Fulham, Chelsea, Kensington and Wandsworth. After ten years (we know! Who stays in a job that long these days?!), he decided to go it alone and set up Momo & Co. with his wife Alisha.

Nick takes care of the architectural design, project management and interior finishes (tiles, flooring etc!), while Alisha has been busy bringing you Momo & Co. Home – our online store of curated interior homewares and kids clothes from independent designers from Australia. A wonderful Anglo-Antipodean mix – just like us!


We get the stress!

Since 2011, we’ve completed several of our own personal house refurbishments and developments in Southfields – including the home we now live in.

We understand how stressful it is when you’re paying rent on your temporary home and a mortgage on your new home, and all you want to do is get IN! We understand the paint-choice overwhelm: “Should we use Wanderlust White, or is Dream Cream a better option…?” And we understand the stomach-churning sensation of seeing your expensive new home completely gutted out and turned into a wreck in the first week!


But then we also know the feeling you get when you see your new home, completely done, for the very first time:

  • That dedicated laundry room (such a rarity in London)

  • Bespoke built-in cupboards made to store ALL your bits and pieces

  • Bathrooms that remind you of your last five-star hotel getaway

  • A kitchen where everything sits in the right place, and has those marble worktops you've dreamed of

  • An outdoor entertaining space that feels like you could be living on the Spanish coast

And we know how to bring it all to you.


Get in touch

When we’re not chatting to members of our lovely local Southfields community, we can be found working hard on design plans at [Momo & Co. HQ] or visiting our clients’ properties. Occasionally with a very well-behaved toddler in tow.


If you’d like to find out more about our services and the possibility of working with us, we’d love to get to know you!

Call 07754 186 892 or email us at hello@momoandco.design to discuss your project and book an appointment.


Love your home!   |   Love your family!   |   Love life!